The History of Hand Made Cement Tiles

Cement tiles were first produced in the south of France in the late 19th Century. By 1900 they had caught on in the USA, especially in California, where they were considered a high-end floor covering and remain intact in many landmark buildings. Cement tiles became more generally fashionable there in the Roaring Twenties, the colourful art deco patterns very much part of the Jazz Age.Real life Gatsbys would have had their mansions or Manhattan apartments done out in their pretty and lively patterns. However, during the Great Depression, the look seemed a tad too frivolous and fell out of fashion,...

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Our surroundings, whether domestic, workspace or in our favourite shops, bars and restaurants can colour our mood. If you’re jaded with the same old same old bland and predictable, allow Otto Tiles to banish boredom.Whether the ambience you seek is exuberant or calm, flamboyant or restrained, classic or contemporary, consider Otto the genie who will grant your every wish.Otto’s cement tiles are individually crafted in Istanbul, each tile hand-pressed after the required colours have been applied to each mould.Otto’s range is eclectic and our skilled artisans can make your own design. If soft colours in an antique English style are...

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Mediterranean Breeze by Otto Tiles

UK weather is mostly grey during autumn and winter and it might be very depressive when you wake up for work.But you can always avoid the dark and cold weather by putting some colourful flowers to the table or starting with a Nina Simon songs to your mornings.Also, changing your environment might be very helpful to enlighten your day. You can use blue navy and white accessories within any bright colours of Otto Cement Tiles in your bathroom and feel like you are in a Mediterranean beach, having your freshly squeezed cocktail and accepting the kiss of the sun!May Otto...

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