Our surroundings, whether domestic, workspace or in our favourite shops, bars and restaurants can colour our mood. If you’re jaded with the same old same old bland and predictable, allow Otto Tiles to banish boredom.Whether the ambience you seek is exuberant or calm, flamboyant or restrained, classic or contemporary, consider Otto the genie who will grant your every wish.

Otto’s cement tiles are individually crafted in Istanbul, each tile hand-pressed after the required colours have been applied to each mould.

Otto’s range is eclectic and our skilled artisans can make your own design. If soft colours in an antique English style are to your taste, see CT1570 and revel in its soft pinks, yellow and pale blue. If you have art deco leanings, you’ll appreciate the intricate geometry of CT1420. Perusal of Otto’s catalogue with have both subtle minimalists and seekers after exotic delight purring with pleasure.

In commercial premises, your customers will feel positively pampered by the rush of aesthetic pleasure they will experience at the sight of your delightfully tiled interior. Throw your doors wide open and watch passers-by stop in their tracks, transfixed by beauty. They will neither know nor care about the durability and unbeatable value-for-money of Otto tiles.

Visit our website You can download our catalogue and design your environment. Death to the dull! Let Otto breathe life into your world. Long live Otto!

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